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A product demo video is helpful to your current and future customers.

Youtube could actually be renamed Demo-tube. There are millions of product demo videos, tear-downs and tutorials all over the video sharing site. But what makes a good product demo video?

At its heart, a product demo video shows a few aspects and benefits of a product and how to operate it for maximum effectiveness. Basically it says, this is widget X, this is how you turn it on and this is how you make it do this or that.

There’s a few things to keep in mind when you produce a product video.

Don’t spend all your time introducing yourself as an expert and giving your credentials. Your viewers probably are watching because they have a level of frustration with the product you are demo-ing. They are eager to learn, so get the demo going.

Clearly state what the product is and what you are going to do with it. Limit your demo to one or two specific areas. Don’t try to demonstrate every feature and potential problem with the product. It’s better to produce multiple videos, each concentrating on one specific feature than to try to jumble them into a single video.

Aim for high production values. Make sure the camera is in focus and zoomed in to the specific area of the product where the demo is happening. Lighting must good and audio needs to be clear.

Consider using a second camera. The most effective product demo videos use a wide angle shot and a close-up to maximize usefulness. It is very helpful to give a context of the specific area you are working in by showing a wide shot and then zooming in with a second camera to show any small buttons, dials, switches or screws.

Record a recap at end and tease any other demos for the same product. Chances are, if the viewer has gotten to the end of this demo, they might want to learn from you about other aspects of the product.

Product demo videos are an easy way for companies to help with after sales-training and make the lives of their customers easier. They provide a valuable after-market value for your products in a cost-effective way.

A product demo video we did is linked above.  It’s a short effective video that concentrates on a single aspect of a product. It’s a good example of how you can combine high production values with a simple message to create an effective demo video that can enhance your product offerings.

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