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Timelapse Demo

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BMG is shooting motion-controlled time-lapse scenes in greater than 4K resolutions.  We are able to capture amazing images in extremely low light situations that lead to incredible results.  And shooting in greater than 4k resolution gives maximum flexibility in reframing shots and adding in motion in frame during post production.

Watch: GSDP “CSpire #FiberFORSTK” (:30 TV)

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[vimeo id=”76166124″ width=”900″ height=”510″] [title size=”2″]This TV spot was produced for the Greater Starkville Development Partnership in support of their #FiberforSTK campaign. aimed at convincing CSpire to choose Starkville as the first community for gigabit internet residential connection.[/title]


“One Night in March” :30 Promo

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In 1963, a basketball game captured the national imagination and influenced a state — and sport — for years to come. This is the story of an unwritten rule that fostered prejudice and segregation. It is the story of how a university president, his head basketball coach and their players risked safety and their future by defying that rule, a governor, and a legislature in 1963 Mississippi.

One Night in March is the documentary that first chronicled the story of the 1963 Mississippi State basketball team and their heroic trip to the NCAA tournament. Order your copy today at or at