What is a MōVI?

Is it a new verb? Slang? Amazing support device that makes a camera fly and glide?

Yes. Yes. And Yes!!

Movi Stabiler at Broadcast MediaThe MōVI M10 from Freefly Systems is an amazing device that allows you to move your camera in ways you couldn’t really before.  Load the camera up, balance it and you are off.

Imagine being able to pick up a camera, run with it, pass it through a window then have it settle into it’s final location in one smooth, continuous shot.

Take that same camera on the MōVI, jump in the back seat of a van or in the back of a truck and you have a ready-made, stabilized camera system.  No crane or special rigging needed.

Add dynamic motion to your next commercial, corporate production or online video with a little MōVI.

Call Broadcast Media at 662.324.2489 for day rates for a MōVI, with or without camera packages.  We would love to load the MōVI with our new 4k Canon C500 to create stunning footage that will make your next video stand out.

Watch our demo and start thinking how you can add some MōVI to your next project.