4K_Ultra_HDWhy 4k? Do we really need more pixels?  Is bigger better?  How does it make my project better?

Lots of questions with one answer- yes.

4k is short-hand for a picture that is 4096 pixels wide and 2160 pixels high.  That is effectively four times the size of a HD screen.  You might also see the abbreviation UHD (Ultra High Definition) which is a slightly narrower picture at 3840 x 2160 pixels.

How does that translate to your next project? Depends on what you are doing and how long you intend the creative work to last.

Shooting in 4K for a project can save you money.


If you are shooting a project that is mostly interviews, shooting at 4k is almost like shooting with two cameras at the same time.

By framing the interview subject in a medium shot, you get a variety of options in post production.  You can scale down the full 4K shot down for your medium view.

You can then punch in for a tight close-up for dramatic emphasis. Or cut to a shot that is between the two for a third look.

BMG 2016 Drone Demo

December 5, 2016

“Starkville Eats” (TV)

September 9, 2016

4k Demo Close Shot

March 31, 2014

4k Demo Medium Shot

March 31, 2014

4K Demo Wide Shot

March 31, 2014

Shooting in 4K future-proofs anything shot today.

Remember when we transitioned from standard definition to HD? The SD pictures looked soft, grainy and generally gross compared to shiny new HD.  Advertisers wanted all their new material shot in HD. Producers wanted the crisp look as well. SD wasn’t good enough.

That’s the type of difference you see with 4K compared to HD.  Better resolution, better color, better contrast.

Canon C500 4K camera in MississippiBMG is shooting full 4K pictures with Canon’s flagship Cinema camera, the EOS C500. This is a high resolution, high color, full 4K camera that looks great on almost any screen, including big ones.  In fact, “The Wolf of Wall Street” used the C500 in production. That’s a picture shown on huge screens around the world.

We can take your project down a 4K workflow to final delivery, or we can shoot your footage and deliver you full resolution ProRes Quicktime files that you can use in-house instantly, with no “red raw development” or transcoding needed.  Shoot 4k, transfer the footage to a hard drive and you are ready to roll once the lights are cooled off and the set is packed. Easy.

Contact Broadcast Media Group at 662-324-2489 to see how we can get you in a 4k project for your next client today.  Save them money, make them great and future proof their investment.  The future is here and now.